be the change


We believe we can give discarded clothes a new life through the art of upcycling. Our upcycling process begins with carefully selecting high-quality discarded garments that still have potential. These clothes are then deconstructed and various components, such as fabrics, buttons and zippers, are carefully recovered for reuse.


Born in Germany, she is a fashion designer, an artist, a realist and an entrepreneur.

Drawing on her experience as a stylist, since 2010 Ulrike has consciously distanced herself from the fast fashion industry.

Her conscience called her to address climate change, unjust supply chains and unethical working conditions. And so she chose to create a slower but more ecological fashion.

Ulrike has built a team that shares her vision. Together, they fight for sustainable change in the fashion industry.

They collect discarded objects, give them new life and create unique 100% recycled pieces.

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My dream is to proudly tell future generations: "Yes, we risked something to improve the situation."

— Ulrike Bollmann